The idea about Indonesian Diaspora was already hanging around since the first Dutch Indies set foot on Holland soil in the year of 1950s.

​Longing to the old times in their home land eventually led to manifestation in cultural organizations, activities and events. So there are for instance several Pasar Malams organized in several cities of Holland, which the oldest one is the Pasar Malam Tong Tong which has been run for 57 years now.

In the course of the year as more and more Indonesian origins migrated to Holland, the emotional binding with Indonesia gets stronger and the ideas of how to extend and maintain the network among the Indonesian Diaspora in Holland as well as how to take part in Indonesia’s development far from their home country, have got particular attention.

In the year of 2009, under the initiative of International Organization for Migration and Emic Research, a workshop on Indonesian Diaspora in The Netherlands and its relationship with Indonesia’s Development took place. Even though much more concrete results have not really been booked after the workshop, this event is considered as the first milestone of the follow on Diaspora initiatives in Holland.

​It is the Congress Of Indonesian Diaspora World Wide, organized in Los Angeles from 6-8 July 2012, that gives an extra impulse to the current initiatives, whereby the Indonesian Diaspora in The Netherlands since then becomes an integral part of the Global Network of Indonesian Diaspora around the world.

The Indonesian Diaspora Network Chapter NL was hereby born.



On July 6-8, 2012, the first Congress of Indonesian Diaspora World Wide has taken place in Los Angeles, the United States.

​This event which was fully supported by the Indonesian Government and the Legislative body of Indonesia produced a declaration as can be seen on the YouTube video on the Indonesian Diaspora Youtube Channel.


 Our first programs

Special Visa and Double Citizenship

This program is a joint effort with The Global Indonesian Diaspora Network, head quartered in Washington DC, to monitor and whenever necessary to assist the process undertaken by the Indonesian Government and the Indonesian Legislative, regarding the Special Visa Arrangement and Dual Citizenship for Indonesian Diaspora All Over The World.

​The Special Visa Arrangement is a new to be implemented immigration regulation for Indonesian Diaspora as offerred by the President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, during the Congress of Indonesian Diaspora in Los Angeles 6-8 July 2012.

The Double Citizenship is a petition supported by around 5000 Indonesian Diaspora as handed over to the Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Parliament, Priyo Budi Santoso, during the same Congress, who promises to take it with him back to Indonesia and light the fire of the spirit on at the Indonesian Parliament for the follow ups.

Medical Care for the Poor

This program is an effort to help low cost hospitals in Indonesia with medical tools and instruments to enable them keep providing satisfactory medical services to the middle-low class and poor people.

​As part of this program is to set up cooperation’s with Medical Schools in Indonesia in establishing working groups to help poor people in getting proper medical treatments.

For more information check the website: www.idnhealth.org


Computer For School Children

The goal of this program is to provide elementary school children with computer facility in their school. ​ This program is to be undertaken under coordination of the Global Indonesian Diaspora Network, Head Quartered at The Indonesian Embassy of Washington DC, US.


Liveable Cities for All Classes

This program is an effort to make the best out of Indonesian cities by tackling the most urgent issues, such as urban poverty, lack of infrastructure and public facilities.

​To this end, efforts shall be done to establish cooperation projects with local governments and NGOs in order to research, design, plan and execute pilot projects which can help cities gain a better living standard and at the same time succeed socially and environmentally.

For more information contact the leader of this program Daliana Suryawinata: d.suryawinata@shau.nl

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