Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission
 The Indonesian Diaspora Network – The Netherlands (IDN-NL) has the following motto:

‘For Diaspora, For Indonesia and For Indonesia and The Netherlands’,



1) to be a hub for ideas, solutions, resources and networks for shared prosperity, and a force for peace and progress

2) to be an active role player in bridging the Netherlands and Indonesia

3) to be meaningful for Indonesia and Indonesian people through its honest thoughts and deeds, as to be reflected by its mission and programs.



Considering The Netherlands as one of the European countries that has a high level of achievements in those fields such as education, science and technology, business and economy, social policies and public services including health care, it is not surprising that the IDN-NL is  involved actively in 9 topics related to those fields:

1) Medical Health Care

2) Liveable Cities

3) Immigration & Citizenship

4) Culinary

5) Youth & Education

6) Migrant Workers

7) Maluku

8) Business Development Associations

9) Culture & Arts

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