Task Forces

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Taskforces Globally

The task forces of the Indonesian Diaspora Network are active in all kind of fields to support Diasporians all over the world: as well in the Diaspora country as well in Indonesia.

At the moment there are the following task forces Globally:

1) Culinary task force

2) Migrant Worker task force

3) Liveable Cities task force

4) Aerospace task force

5) Health task force

6) Green Economy task force


Drivers & projects

The task forces are led by so called drivers, who coordinate the activities of the task force. Most of the task forces are working on project base, with counterparts of all kinds in Indonesia: local governments, companies, foundations etc. So the projects are tailor made and based on best practices.


Task forces IDN – NL

The IDN-NL has the following task forces:

1) Medical Health Care, led by Dr. Tik Tan (also driver globally)

2) Liveable Cities, led by Daliana Suryawinata (also driver globally), Wiwi Tjiook

3) Immigration and Citizenship, led by Herman Syah (also coordinator for EU)

4) Culinary, led by Renu Lubis & Renske Walsarie Wolff

5) Youth & Education, led by Rennie Roos, Timothy vd Wal

6) Migrant Workers, led by Yasmine Soraya

7) Maluku, led by Thomas Sikteubun

8) Business Development Associations, led by Job van der Weerd

9) Culture & Arts, led by Ferdinand Loos & Daniel Kwee


New task forces

There is always room for new task forces, but starting a task force needs the following:

- Proposal for task force

- Proposal for projects

- Who are the counterparts

- What is your trackrecord

The list of the task forces can always be expended. Because we believe in synergy: working together we can reach more!


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