TF Medical Health Care



Old Data:

Drivers of the Medical Health Care task force:

  • Tik Tan MD, Chair of the IDGNH
  • Bert van Geel, Ph.D.
  • Tjay Tan, Ph.D.
  • ir. Carl Wolff


The Medical Health Care task force has been formalized in December 2013, under the name of the Indonesian Diaspora Global Network Health (IDGNH, HTTP://WWW.IDNHEALTH.ORG/).


The IDGNH has started several projects:


1) The Dutch School for women with cancer, providing education for local residents and training of medical staff for the prevention of cancer and providing therapy for women with cancer;


2) Education of Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic and Hand surgery for Indonesia residents at the USU in Medan in full collaborations with the Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam;


3) The Marunda Project, a project collaboration with the Governor office of Jakarta (DKI). A pilot has been started to improve the workflow at the Puskesmas Marunda to establish a cost effective working environment for local Marunda partners as stakeholders.

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