Board & Drivers


​In 2014 the foundation was established and was named:

Stichting Indonesian Diaspora Network – The Netherlands (IDN-NL) 

and has the following Board Members and Taskforce drivers:


Board Members:

- Mr. Ebed LitaayPresident IDN-Global/ IDN-NL

- Mr. Leon van Maaren - Treasurer

- Mr. Herman SyahBoard Member

- Mr. Bert Steevensz  – Secretary 

- Mr. Tik TanBoard Member

- Mrs. Wiwi Tjiook – Board Member


Taskforce Drivers IDN-NL:

1. Liveable Cities – Wiwi Tjiook

2. Immigration & Citizenship – Herman Syah

3. Medical Health Care – Tik Tan

4. Migrant Workers – Yasmine Soraya

5. Youth & Education – Rennie Roos, Andhika Rutten

6. Culinary – Renu Lubis, Renske Walsarie Wolff

7. Maluku & Maluku Utara – Matthijs Kakisina

8. Culture & Arts – Ferdinand Loos, Lany Pradjarahardja

9. Business and Development – Leon van Maaren, Serviana Desilawani

10. Advisors General Affairs – Emiel Maasland, Michel Maasland

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