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Drivers and the task force

The drivers of the  task force culinary are Renu Lubis and Renske Walsarie Wolff. Furthermore, the task force culinary consists of several chefs and individuals with a shared passion of food and in particular Indonesian culinary. To find out more about our team, please check:


Motive & establishing task force culinary in The Netherlands

During the stay of Her Excellency Mrs. Retno Marsudi (the current Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia) as Indonesian ambassador to The Netherlands, Mrs. Marsudi promoted ‘culinary diplomacy’ in which The Netherlands would function as a base for enhancing economic relations between Indonesia, The Netherlands and Europe. With the help of the president of IDN Europe, Mr. Ebed Litaay and with Mr. B. Herindra, former head of information and socio-cultural affairs of the embassy, the drivers could initiate culinary activities. The first joined activity was the first Indonesian cooking competition on  the 24th of October 2013  in The Hague – The Netherlands. Eight contestants (from Indonesian & Dutch descent) were challenged to cook two dishes: one assigned and one free to choose. After this succesful event the task force culinary was founded in the last quarter of 2013.

Our mission & vision

Our mission is to evolve and expand the Indonesian culinary culture within The Netherlands and Europe. Together with individuals (chefs, foodies) and businesses (import-export companies, wholesalers) and with the support of governmental organizations, the task force wants to promote the Indonesian cuisine, both on a structural basis and at high qualitative level. 

Next steps (short-term) Task Force Culinary IDN-NL:

  • Strengthen:
    • contacts with task force culinary IDN global & join activities/goals of task force culinary IDN global;
    • contacts with Ministry of Tourism &  Badan Creative Economy and other Ministries or semi-governmental organizations;
    • contact with importers of Indonesian ingredients;
    • contacts and cooperation with Indonesian chefs and businesses in Indonesia;
    • continue cooperation with The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Academy of Health  | Nutrition & Dietetics) and other colleges of education;
    • get involved with various culinary events; e.g. Pesta Rakyat and various festivals like Taste of Amsterdam;
    • promote the Indonesian cuisine in other European coountries;




  1. Farewell Ibu Retno Marsudi: in January 2015, the Indonesian embassy held its farewell party for former ambassador Retno L.P. Marsudi. She got a position as minister of foreign affairs in the government of president Joko Widodo. Members of the task force helped with the catering (snacks and dinner) for over 1400 guests.
  2. Ethnic Food Event: in 2015 the Indonesian Embassy joined Ethnic Foods Europe, which is part of the Horecava, the largest food industry’s trade show. Indonesia joined with several Indonesian companies, in order to attract trade within The Netherlands and Europe. The chefs of the task force gave cooking demonstrations, which showcased the products, brought by the Indonesian companies.
  3. Cooperation with The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Academy of Health  / Nutrition & Dietetics): the task force culinary wants to help promote healthy Indonesian fish dishes. A new assignment focused on Indonesian fish recipes by using sustainable fish, also because Indonesian food recipes are very suitable to raise awareness of people to live healthier. Six workshop were given to the students with 3 fishrecipes and they have checked the availability of fish during a calendar year and, if out of season, recommend an alternative. Furthermore, the students have checked the nutritional value, recommended changes of recipes for diabetes patients, patients with heart diseases and elderly people. They also analysed 18 recipes and if applicable adjusted the Indonesian recipes for a healthier alternative. During a ‘taste-session’ the students made the original recipe and healthier dishes. The audience (amongst others teachers and  chefs) were asked to give their preference: the original or the healthier option.
  4. Taste of Amsterdam 2015 from 04 – 07 June.


  1. Indonesian ‘fine dining’ (IFD) events: to experiment with the pop-up restaurant concept and to develop more IFD alternatives, for example inspired by the 30 Traditional Indonesian Culinary Icons.
  2. Present at 30 Traditional Indonesian Culinary Icons workshop with chef Vindex Tengker & supported chef Vindex during his stay in The Netherlands for his cooking demonstrations during the ‘Vakantiebeurs’ (with more than 1.400 exhibitors one of the most important touristic consumer events in the world).
  3. Presentation of task force culinary by serving Indonesian fine dining lunch for Mr. Edward Wanandi, his family and members of IDN-NL.
  4. Cookery course with 15 of the 30 Traditional Indonesian Culinary Icons dishes (try out):  several members of the task force developed an Indonesian cooking course for Indokok to promote the 30 icons in The Netherlands. Half of the 30 icons recipes were translated in Dutch, checked for the availability of the specific ingredients and taught to an experienced group of hobby chefs.
  5. Cooperation with The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Academy of Health  / Nutrition & Dietetics):  6 students made “An analysis of the 30 Traditional Indonesian Culinary Icons and if applicable adjusted the Indonesian recipes for a healthier alternative”. Nutritional values were compared to Dutch guidelines and resulted in recommendations and change of recipes for diabetes patients, patients with heart diseases and elderly people.
  6. Workshop at the Regional Educational Centre (ROC) Leiden: feasibility study to include the Asian cuisine in the curriculum of western chefs , in which the Indonesian cuisine will have a prominent place. Chef Eduard Roesdi led a workshop with dishes from 30 Traditional Indonesian Culinary Icons for students from ROC Leiden.
  7. Taste of Amsterdam 2014: the Indonesian Embassy wanted Indonesia to be represented at the major culinary event of the Dutch capital. Indonediair foundation, in collaboration with chefs from ICA Netherlands,  organised a pavilion at this well visited festival. During 4 days over 28.000 people saw colourful streetfood displayed and cooking demonstrations by various chefs. And of course samples of food were distributed between the visitors.
  8. Resepsi diplomatik / 69th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence Day at Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel in The Hague. Commissioned by the Indonesian Embassy the task force culinary collaborated with Indonesia Satu and Bank Nasional Indonesia with the theme ‘Pride of Indonesian Heritage’ to realize a standing buffet for 500 persons. Beside the traditional dishes, at specific request of the Embassy, various fingerfood (jajanan pasar) were offered and fruit carvings were on display.
  9. Pesta rakyat: Celebration of the Indonesian National Day in Wassenaar with the Indonesian Society.
  10. IFD lunch for President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Lisbon: the task force culinary was honoured to serve a fine dining lunch to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and wife in Lisbon (Portugal). They were joined by a delegation from the Indonesian government.
  11. Cooking competition 2014: For the second time, the Indonesian Embassy in The Netherlands organized an Indonesian cooking competition. In two rounds the contestants battled to win the award (two tickets to London from Garuda Indonesia). The task force was part of the event by providing judges, giving cooking demonstrations, made amazing fruit carvings and supported the contestants.
  12. Presentation of Task Force Culinary by serving Indonesian fine dining for Mr. Dino Patti Djalal (former State Secretary of Foreign Affairs), his family and members of IDN-NL.


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