TF Youth & Education

Drivers of the Youth and Education task force:

  • Rennie Roos, Chair board of Trustee & Founder of INYS
  • Timothy van der Wal
  • Sabina Goeij

 The Youth & Education task force is initiated and driven by the Indonesia Nederland Youth Society (INYS). Its aim is to enhance mutual understanding in the areas of culture, history, science, economics, politics, etc.

 To strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two nations in all areas, with a focus on youth and equality, the INYS will:

  1. Provide a platform for young Dutch and Indonesian students were they can share ideas and experiences on the Dutch-Indonesia relationship.
  2. Assist young Dutch and Indonesian students to develop networks with each other and with professionals in their fields who are working on or in Indonesia.
  3. Assist young students and alumni of Dutch universities to access internship and work opportunities in or on Indonesia.
  4. Connect young Dutch and Indonesians to each other, and to opportunities to develop careers in or on Indonesia.
  5. Inspire businesses, governments and other organizations to facilitate youth engagement with Indonesia and The Netherlands.
  6. Inform young people about the avenues for engaging with Indonesia and The Netherlands.

Within five years we aim to become the central source of knowledge on Dutch- and Indonesia-related educational matters, extra-curricular, and career information for young Dutch and Indonesians in The Netherlands. Along the way we hope to inform the Dutch public about the developments and opportunities of Indonesia.

Launch INYS chapter in Indonesia:

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