TF Migrant Workers

The task force of migrant workers of IDN NL is driven by Yasmine Soraya, a specialist of Indonesian migrant workers with International and European labour law background. TFMW IDN NL covers various scopes of workers in the Netherlands; such as High-skilled workers (Indonesian expatriates), working students and students at zoekjaar period, migrants who became local workers (such as migrants who are married to Dutch-EU citizens or has naturalized as EU-Dutch citizens), au pair, Indonesian nurses and migrant domestic workers.

In its works TFMW has a lot of networks within the Netherlands, Europe, Indonesia and worldwide such as with the embassy, PPNI (Indonesian Nurses association in the Netherlands), IMWU (Indonesian Migrant Workers Union), au pairs, Dutch organizations, etc. TFMW IDN NL is also part of TFMW IDN Global with the networks of all Indonesian migrant workers all over the world such as IMWU Hongkong, IMWU Taiwan, IFN Singapore, Indonesian Migrant workers in France, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Korea, etc.

TFMW IDN NL works also with BNI (Indonesian state Bank) in term of legal remittance to Indonesia. Remittance from Indonesian migrant workers is the second biggest income of Indonesia. Therefore, Indonesian migrant workers should be respectfully treated and be recognized. TFMW IDN NL give focus on the future of Indonesian migrant workers, to increase their prosperity particularly for ex-migrant workers and those who prepare to return to Indonesia through micro cooperative program and business program.

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