15, Press conference Diaspora 4th Global Summit, Jakarta

21, Openingsceremony Diaspora 4th Global Summit, Jakarta





31, Indonesian Fine Dining, Oegstgeest, Taskforce Culinary

30, Social Drinks, The Hague, Taskforce Youth & Education

19, Workshop Sirkus Barock, the Hague, Taskforce Culture & Arts

06, Meeting with MPR-RI, the Hague

05, Meeting with Province of Central Java, Taskforce Medical Health Care

03, Meeting with the Provice of Central Java



30, Indonesian film screening, the Hague

26, Interfaith Dialogue, the Hague

20, Meeting with Governor Basuki Purnama (Ahok) of the Province of Jakarta



21-22, Zeeland meets Asia: eat for Maluku, Taskforce Maluku

12-14,  Congress Indonesian Diaspora 3, Jakarta

08-09, Kota Tua Creative Festival, Jakarta

01, IDN Taskforce Liveable Cities update: preparation for CID 3



25, IDN Taskforce Medical Health Care meeting: preparation for CID 3

19, IDN global executive meeting

12, IDN global executive meeting

05, preparation meeting Taskforce drivers Globally for CID 3



30, Meeting board & Taskforce drivers

30, Farwell event Indonesian diplomats, The Hague

27, Indonesian Fine dining, Taskforce Culinary, Oegstgeest

25, Indonesia now event, Amsterdam

25, Final Speaking competition, Taskforce Youth & Education

23, Meeting with Indonesian Senators (DPD-RI)

20, Socialization event with Garuda Indonesia & BNI, Zwolle

13, Malam Dana: “Diasporas Social Garden

04-07, Taste of Amsterdam, TF Culinary

04, Semi Final 1.4 Speaking competition, Tilburg, TF Youth & Education

01, Lecture about Diaspora at TongTongFair Malieveld Den Haag



29, Vlissingen 700 years: Socialization event TF Maluku

28, Indonesia update, the Hague

28, Semi Final 1.3 Speaking competition, Wageningen, TF Youth & Education

21, Semi Final 1.2 Speaking competition, Groningen, TF Youth & Education

12, Semi Final 1.1 Speaking competition, Leiden, TF Youth & Education

01, Film Screening & Discussion, TF Migrant Workers, the Hague



30, Infrastructure Forum, the Hague, TF Liveable Cities

28, INS Seminar: Jakarta-Rotterdam Watersmart Cities

25, Indonesian Fine Dining, Oegstgeest, TF Culinary

16, Meeting with KADIN (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce), TF Business Development Associations

14, Trial tasting session, The Hague University of Applied Science, TF Culinary

12, Meeting IDN-Global

09, Meeting, TF Business Development Associations, the Hague

09, Meeting Polygon Bikes, TF Business Development Associations, the Hague

04, Launching INYS – ID, TF Youth & Education, Jakarta

01-02 Cinemasia Food & Film, TF Culture & Arts, Amsterdam



28, Indonesian Fine Dining, TF Culinary, Oegstgeest

26, Master Chef Holland, Agus Hermawan, TF Culinary

24, Board & TF Meeting

22, Meeting, TF Medical Health Care, Oss

22, Farewell Daliana, TF Liveable Cities, Rotterdam

20, Film Screening & Discussion, TF Migrant Workers, Leiden

20, Spring drink, TF Youth & Education, Utrecht



27, Film Screening & Discussion, TF Migrant Workers, The Hague

27, Fine Dining, Oegstgeest, TF Culinary

10, Board & TF meeting

07, Meeting TF Medical Health Care, Oss

07, Exploring Kidney health in Indonesia and potential solutions, TF Medical Health Care, Utrecht

05, Smart City Bandung Event, The Hague, TF Liveable Cities



12-15, Ethnic Food Event, Amsterdam, TF Business Dev. Associations, TF Culinary, TF Liveable Cities, TF Culture & Arts.

11, Farewell event Ibu Retno Marsudi, currently Minister Of Foreign Affairs

10, Meeting IDN-Global

03, New Years Event, TF Migrant Workers




16, Meet & Greet Founding Father IDN, Pak Dino Patti Djalal, The Hague

03, Network meeting Indonesia Platform, Zevenhuizen, TF Liveable Cities



07, Signing Coorperate Agreement with Garuda Indonesia

14, Forum Diaspora, Berlin



30, Board & TF Meeting

04, IDN Health Gathering, The Hague, TF Medical Health Care

04, PPI Clickustik Event, Rijswijk



20, Luncheon for President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), Lissabon, TF Culinary

06, Pesta Rakyat, Wassenaar



25, Meeting with Indonesian Parliament (DPR) & Senate (DPD), The Hague

20, Diplomatik Reception, Scheveningen, TF Culinary cooked

18, Board & TF Meeting



28, Meeting Diaspora Germany, Frankfurt am Main

21-22, Kota Tua Creative Festival, Jakarta, TF Liveable Cities

20-21, Board of Advisory meeting, Jakarta

01, IDN EU summit, the Hague



31, IDN EU summit, the Hague

06, Board & TF Meeting

01, Garuda Indonesia 777 event



25, Luncheon minister Timmerman (Foreign Affairs), TF Youth & Education

22, IDN-NL VIP event

20, Telecon IDN Global

17, Students Exchange Day, TF Youth & Education

01, Expert meeting, TF Liveable cities



18, Socialization event




18-20, Congress Indonesian Diaspora (CID) 2, Jakarta



16, Information day. Medical Health Care for Migrants, TF Migrant Workers, TF Medical Health Care

15, Teleconference Ahok, Vice-Governor Jakarta, The Hague, TF Liveable Cities




03, Socialization event, The Hague



01 Pesta Rakyat, Wassenaar



20-24 Pasar Malam Indonesia, The Hague

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