Garuda Indonesia Corporate Discounts


How to book and make use of the Garuda Indonesia Corporate Discounts?:

Send an email to and provide your name as per your passport. This detail will be stored in our membership database.

  1. Please call Garuda Indonesia Amsterdam at 020 – 550 2600 or e-mail: and mention:
    • That you are a member of the IDN-NL
    • Your desired Flight Itinerary (routing, classes, flight dates, passengers etc.)
    • Any special requests (Lowest price ticket? More flexible ticket? etc.)

Garuda Indonesia offers our appreciated Indonesian Diaspora members an attractive offer with which you can start your Indonesian journey in comfort and style!

b777-lower-res  9-business-class-ga economy-class-garuda-indonesia2

Please click here for the latest Diaspora fact sheet of the Garuda Indonesia special offer.

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